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Spin dye

Emissions and water consumption where the impact is greatest

Our products are the main source of our climate impact and water consumption. Up to 40 percent of the emissions come from spinning yarn and dyeing fabrics.* In order to reduce our climate footprint and water consumption, and increase colour fastness of our materials, we are investigating dyeing without water in various projects for our bestsellers. The dyeing method requires a fraction of all the water required for traditional dyeing, as well as a fraction of the energy and chemicals.

Spinn-dye, Dope-dye, Solution-dye are all popular names for dyeing without water. This is not a new innovation, but has become of increasing interest to companies that focus on reducing fresh water use and emissions. The big difference to traditional dyeing is that the yarn is dyed and not the finished fabric, which means that for synthetic material the dyeing can be done completely without water. We are also working on a solution for cotton. The challenges with this technology are large minimum quantities and limitations in some colours.

* Source: Cemasys, Ecolnvent, Higg MSI