RevolutionRace Corporate


FIRST-MOVER IN A LARGE GLOBAL MARKET TRANSITIONING TO ONLINE AND D2C The Outdoor market is a large and growing market, characterised by a move to online-based commerce. Being one of Europe’s first market players in Outdoor clothing to apply a digital D2C business model allows us to enjoy advantages affording us a favourable market position. Our assessment is that the online penetration of the Outdoor market will continue to increase also in the future.

HIGH-QUALITY AND FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS AT AN UNBEATABLE PRODUCT VALUE IN TERMS OF PRICE, QUALITY AND DESIGN The RevolutionRace offer is characterised by a carefully selected range consisting of high-quality and multifunctional products at competitive prices, for which there is in turn a large selection of different colours and sizes. Our profiling, above all regarding high quality and design at a lower price, distinguishes us from competing brands and leads to an unbeatable product value for the consumer.

COMPETITIVE MARKETING STRATEGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND EXPOSURE AND CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGING TRADITIONAL MARKET PLAYERS RevolutionRace pursues a digital marketing strategy and conducts all marketing in-house. The strategy includes data-driven and digital marketing with an extensive presence on social media, contributing to organically generated content strongly connected to the brand’s core values.

STRONG FINANCIAL HISTORY WITH A COMBINATION OF HIGH GROWTH, GOOD PROFITABILITY AND STRONG CASH GENERATION RevolutionRace’s history combines strong organic growth with good profitability and, in 2021/22, sales growth amounted to 48 percent and operating profit to 26.3 percent. We see this as clear evidence of RevolutionRace’s effective business model, successful geographical expansion and unbeatable value to customers.