RevolutionRace Corporate

No overproduction

Our entire product development and business model are set up to minimise wasteful overproduction.* In 2021/22, we had an overproduction of <1 percent.

* We define overproduction as products RevolutionRace does not sell directly to the end customer but sells on at a cheaper price than the purchase price.

This is how we work to avoid overproduction

Our customers are part of the product development

We continuously update our products according to our customers’ wishes in a step to meet demand and reduce returns.

Direct to consumer

We sell directly to the end customer, thereby avoiding sales samples and being able to meet demand more accurately.

Customer community

We minimise returns through extensive customer community feedback.

Return management

We optimise return handling to make every returned item resellable.

Small batch production

We produce new products in small batches to avoid overproduction and scale up according to demand.