RevolutionRace Corporate


It is knowledgeable and satisfied employees who build large companies. The well-being of our employees is reflected in their very few days of absence and our low personnel turnover rate.

15 percent of employees chose to leave the Company and with an average absence of 3 days per employee and year, we are back at the same low levels as before the beginning of the pandemic. We are proud of our capacity for keeping our great talents and to allow them to grow in the Company. In January 2022, we began to measure our employee satisfaction on a quarterly basis. 88 percent of the employees responded and the average eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) ended up at 33 (the scale goes from -100–100) with the industry average on 18*. Next year, we aim for an eNPS of at least 35. We have also set a target for the commitment index where we want to be above 80, at the latest measurement we were at 76. The commitment index is the combined result of all twelve questions in the survey.

* Source: &Frankly, an average index based on all companies’ eNPS.