RevolutionRace Corporate


We believe that gender equality and diversity are important factors in building a sustainable business.

RevolutionRace is a young company, where 53 percent of the employees are under the age of 30 and there are many development opportunities. In order to reflect our customers and enrich the culture, we attach great importance to diversity in new recruitments. We believe that diversity is an important success factor when we recruit and develop our employees because it brings together different perspectives.

Different ways of thinking mean that we are challenged to think differently, which in turn will lead to creative and sustainable solutions. Today, we have a localised website in 18 markets and customer service in 11 languages, and there is only one local language that we lack internally.

We strive to find a balance between men and women in leadership positions. Today, 71 percent of the employees are women and we have specifically encouraged women to take leadership positions, resulting in 33 percent of our leadership positions and 79 percent of our team leader positions being held by women today.