RevolutionRace Corporate


With the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU established an action plan in 2019 to become more circular. In order for RevolutionRace to change and become more circular, we along with the rest of the industry have a long way to go. So far, we have focused on manufacturing as sustainable products as possible in the sense that they will last for a long time and be free from harmful chemicals, and encourage our consumers to wear their RevolutionRace products often. A product that has been worn 100 times is 10 times more sustainable than a product that has only been worn 10 times.

In a step to extend the life cycle further, we have developed a repair kit and updated our instructions on how to care for the product in the best way, both on the laundry instructions and the website.

We are developing other possibilities to extend the life of our products. We have started a project with Lund University on how we as an online company can take our consumer responsibility and collect textiles from consumers and take care of them in a responsible way, through charity, secondary sales and recycling.

The study showed that there is clear added value with such a digital service, both for RevolutionRace and our customers. Now the next phase is beginning where the digital service is to be built and tested before it can go live. We are eager to be involved in designing the service.

Recycling is the last step in the process and there are many promising projects in the industry right now. RevolutionRace will change its design process to facilitate recycling. But before it is time for recycling, our hope is that RevolutionRace products will experience many adventures perhaps with more than one user.