RevolutionRace Corporate

Nature Will Remain Our Playground

At RevolutionRace we strive to be an attractive employer and to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We invest considerable efforts into always complying with international and national conventions and legislations. We refer to this as running “A Responsible Race”. We recognize that we are not perfect. We are humble about our achievements and we know we can become more sustainable. We promise to be open about our challenges and to continue to improve. We have concentrated our sustainability efforts on our products, our people and our suppliers. We make our products as durable as possible, we sell everything that we purchase, which results in very little waste and we adhere to strict chemical guidelines. We focus on the well-being and development of our employees. We work to assure our suppliers’ social responsibility. When RevolutionRace enter into a contractual relationship with a supplier, we also take partial responsibility for the social conditions of its employees. Accordingly, working with suppliers who share our principles, live up to our policies and continuously strive to improve is a high priority for us. In 2021 we have continued our efforts to understand and reduce our GHG emissions and our other environmental impacts. We are looking at how we can use more sustainable materials and packaging and how we can work in a more circular manner. We are increasing our efforts regarding suppliers on transparency in terms of their environmental impact and improvement initiatives.

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