RevolutionRace Corporate


The customer is RevolutionRace’s most important stakeholder group

If our customers are satisfied with their RevolutionRace products, we are satisfied. So far, we have done well with more than 410,000 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.6/5.

We have several channels that help us understand their opinions and get to know them. We analyse each product review and comments on social media. In 2021/22, our customer service had 230,467 cases. Customer satisfaction was 87 percent slightly down from the previous year when it was 90 percent. The decrease in satisfaction is mainly due to longer delivery times due to the pandemic and longer response times. Our target is a 93 percent customer service level. To achieve this ambitious goal, the Customer Service Manager has set up an action plan to reduce response times.

A long-term partnership

During 2022, a long-term partnership was started with Gunde and Ferry Svan. Gunde Svan, a Swedish legend in cross-country skiing, and his son, Ferry, with great success in wood chopping, really show how good our products are. In the spring of 2022, they motivated customers to send in photos of their first RevolutionRace garments and show what they look like today. In the picture, we see the first trousers Gunde bought from RevolutionRace six years ago. The trousers have visible wear but are still fit for use.