RevolutionRace Corporate

Product safety

Our products must comply with the REACH legislation (EC No 1907/2006), which is the chemicals regulation in Europe that regulates all chemicals that can be harmful to humans or nature. To ensure compliance with the legislation, all of our suppliers have signed our chemicals policy, which is in accordance with the REACH Regulation. For increased compliance control, we use the digital tool Chemact Network. In the tool, we have mapped each of our products, chemicals used during production, the relevant RSL and our test procedures. Our largest suppliers are already working with the tool and have access to the latest updated RSL lists and can directly upload test results in the system. We test all products in the product development phase to ensure product safety. New productions of known products are tested for compliance on a regular basis by independent laboratories. PFCs are a group of chemicals often used in outerwear for durable water and dirt repellency. They are highly effective for this purpose. However, research has documented their persistence in the environment and their harmful effects. Among others, we use the Bionic-Finish®Eco treatment, a proprietary fluorine-free technology from the Rudolf Group as a highly effective alternative. In 2022, we also chose to join the PFC movement that works to ban all hazardous PFC chemicals.