RevolutionRace Corporate


RevolutionRace has minimal waste from its o.ices and no physical retailing. We do have waste from packaging and are participating in all applicable extended producer responsibility schemes throughout Europe.

In 2021/22, we used 224 tons of cardboard for the shipping of our products to the warehouses, we used 70 tons of polybags to ensure that each product arrived undamaged, and we used 57 tons of shipping bags to send products to our customers and for them to return products to us. This resulted in 516 tons CO₂e, which was 2 percent of total emissions.

In 2021, we introduced polybags and shipping bags made of recycled plastic and we developed a packaging strategy. We are working on each of the packaging types to reduce their impact by using less material, using recycled or certified material and testing reusable solutions. In our choices of packaging, we will aim to minimise waste and increase circularity.