RevolutionRace Corporate


The waste created in the apparel industry is a recognised problem and has many sources. The industry is exploring solutions to reduce waste under the headline of circularity. The EU waste legislation with Extended Producer Responsibility is addressing packaging waste and textile waste, and several initiatives under the EU Textile Strategy will also address waste.

Targets and Measures

RevolutionRace has minimal waste from its offices and no physical retailing. We do have waste from packaging and are participating in all applicable extended producer responsibility schemes throughout Europe. In our packaging strategy we commit to that 100% of our plastic packaging must be of recycled or biobased material by 2025. 100% of our cardboard must be of recycled material or from certified sustainable managed forests by 2023. It is the responsibility of our logistics team to implement the targets set in the packaging strategy.


In 2022/23, we used 331 tons of cardboard for the shipping of our products to the warehouses, we used 34 tons of polybags to ensure that each product arrived undamaged, and we used 27 tons of shipping bags to send products to our customers and for them to return products to us. This resulted in 200 tons CO₂e, which was 1,5 percent of total emissions. 74% of the cardboard came from certified sustainable managed forests and/or was recycled which didn’t meet our goal of 100% for 2023. Of our polybags and shipping bags 72% was sourced from recycled materials. Our logistics team has reassured, that they will meet the targets of our packaging strategy as planned by 2025.