RevolutionRace Corporate

Our Products

No matter how sustainable a product is, it can seldom justify the use of two products instead of one. At RevolutionRace, sustainability starts here! We produce timeless, durable, and high-quality products, enabling our customers to wear their RevolutionRace products hike after the hike.

• Long-lasting • Non-seasonal • Timeless design • 1% overproduction • No garments to landfill (ever) • 80% continuous assortment • +350 000 reviews with rating 4.6/5.0

Unmatched Value

Our entire product development and business model are set up to minimize wasteful overproduction and offer our customers high-quality products for a reasonable price. 80 percent, which is most of our collection, comprises a running assortment and includes styles designed back when it all started in 2014. Most of our clothes are non-seasonal and can be worn all year round. We work directly with our customers and can produce when there is a demand.

Long lasting We design and choose materials to fit the purpose of the product. The perfect fit, with reinforcement where needed, with extra seams at exposed parts, and made of materials suitable for different weathers and activities.

Supplier Cooperation We produce with suppliers understanding our quest for durability and who put an extra effort into the strength of every seam. We partner with suppliers, together we are developing techniques, making RevolutionRace’s products the most durable in the world.

Testing We test our products relentlessly. Every new product and production process is tested in the laboratory and in real life by our employees and experienced testers.

Customer choice We also work closely with our community to develop better materials and upgrade existing ones. To this day, we’ve received over 350 000 real reviews from customers who have bought our products, and many come back time after time. We read every customer review and value all the comments that we receive through social media, whether you’re cheering us on or suggesting improvements. (Thanks, guys! Really.)

A Stronger Thread Can Make a Durable Difference

When we developed our first product, Nordwand Pants, we rejected the samples twelve times because we weren’t satisfied with the quality of the thread. Needless to say, we were not the easiest customer at the time, but we’d never sacrifice quality to make ourselves popular. A principle we still have today.

Fun fact: did you know that our first Nordwand Pants came back in return? After that, it became our mission to always meet the customer’s needs. We are not satisfied until you as a customer are completely satisfied.

Extending Product Life

Our products last longer and have a less environmental impact during customer use if they are cared for in the right way and given on after end-of-use. We have updated all our care labels to help our customers with that. Even if we do our utmost to make durable garments, they do sometimes break. No customer should discard a RevolutionRace product for a tear or a hole. It is part of its history. It should just be fixed! We have developed repair kits and we hope they will soon be available online